Xona eXponent

Jump-start your strategy towards emerging tech. Technologies are evolving rapidly and erasing silos. Decision making and execution are becoming increasingly complex. Suppliers or clients could turn quickly into competitors. Inefficiencies and risk of missing out on new revenue streams are bearing down on executives. Technologies and markets are harder than ever to grasp. eXponent workshops will help you distinguish hype from reality.

Empowered to Decide. We developed eXponent to help executives assess strategic threats and opportunities and to make better business decisions related to technology. eXponent is a learning and development practice designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of how technology can impact strategic initiatives and investments. Through eXponent, we empower executives to make better decisions by demystifying emerging technologies and their impact on companies and markets. 

Our Expertise at your Disposal. Executives, investors and board members entrust us to develop strategic growth opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, and exploring new frontiers. They value our solid analysis and unparalleled depth of understanding markets and technologies. With eXponent, we put our team’s multidisciplinary expertise at your disposal to understand emerging technologies and their impact on your business.

Bespoke knowledge-transfer. We offer eXponent with bespoke modules to drive results and maximize your value. Our global reach allows us to connect in person, at a location convenient for you.
We encourage an interactive discussion format and help you formulate your action items. eXponent is a first step before embarking on your journey in emerging tech!

Emerging Tech. We leverage expertise in different functional areas for baseline knowledge that’s adapted to specific objectives. 
Topics we delivered include:

  • Artificial Intelligence – NLP
  • Networks – 5G, LEO Satellites, Private Wireless Networks, Network Virtualization
  • Emerging Technologies – Quantum, Cybersecurity

Contact us at advisors@xonapartners.com for additional information, or if you like us to cover a topic we did not list.
We look forward to hearing from you about empowering you and your colleagues.