Main Trends in the Edge Cloud Ecosystem
In this paper, we review major trends that shape the edge cloud ecosystem with an eye on investment strategy to capitalize on this opportunity.
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Satellites Intersects Enterprise
Private Wireless Network
In this paper we present a cost model for enterprise private wireless networks with satellite backhaul. We highlight the evolution of satellite and cellular industries to improve performance and reduce cost, and address the critical elements required to integrate both technologies.
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Into The New Space Internet Era: An African Golden Opportunity
Africa is synonymous with massive opportunities but also fundamental challenges. The answer to both resides, among other things, in the development of a robust, economically viable technology ecosystem, with Internet connectivity being the cornerstone of any viable execution model. In this paper, we zoom in one some nascent opportunities disruptive internet technologies offer in terms of leapfrog opportunities for Africa, and in particular the emergence of low earth orbit internet constellations.
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Robots + ROI: The AI Dimension
Robots need to hit very stringent KPIs to make them economically viable. This has led to various false starts in deploying robots. One of the fundamental answers to achieving these KPIs is the need for embedding more and more advanced AI-enabled designs into robots. The caveat is that it requires clear understanding of AI costs, limitations and trade-offs versus benefits. Over time, economics will likely play into strengthening the ROI for robots, but the AI tradeoffs dimension will remain the cornerstone of such ROI equation. This thesis is explained in our short paper.
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Space Intersects Internet: Opportunities and Challenges
Space and Internet are converging. The emergence of low earth orbit satellite constellations, and the investments pouring into it by global technology players, is one of the most significant disruptions of the last few decades. Opportunities abound. Challenges are numerous. This paper explores such aspects based on our involvement of architecting and deploying large scale Internet networks and services.
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Emerging Technology Disruptions: Learning from Experiments
The Internet infrastructure is evolving into a new phase, bringing in new disruptive technologies such as space networks, quantum computing and blockchain platforms. We provide a brief synthesis of some of our work in these areas with the most important take-aways.
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