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            State of IoT Regulatory Activities
            Xona Partners undertook benchmarking IoT regulatory and policy activities in 22 representative countries around the world. The benchmark covered key areas including critical resources (spectrum, numbering), roaming and eSIM regulations, approach to IoT data management, and IoT policy initiatives. This presentation includes a subset of key findings.
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            MWC 2018: The State of Wireless
            This brief presents the views and takeaways of Xona Partners on the latest developments and future trends in the mobile industry that can be ascertained from the 2018 edition of Mobile World Congress.
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            Blockchains Intersect with Internet and Telecom
            As a platform for decentralized economy, the transformative power of blockchains impacts every industry sector. Despite the hype surrounding blockchains which created a perception of extremes, blockchains is here to stay. This presentation outlines the intersect of blockchain with Internet and Telecom.
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            MWC 2017: The Hype vs. the Reality
            In this brief, we present our view on the latest developments and trends in the mobile industry. While the industry is searching for its next engine of growth, we believe there are opportunities to impact the market particularly by players in adjacent industries who can take advantage of new technology, regulatory and market developments.
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            Xona Emerging Wireless Applications
            As one rapidly transitions from 4G to 5G, a number of significant innovations are being brought to market, in terms of enabling wireless/cloud technologies, and underlying business models. We summarize the most fundamental ongoing disruptions, with an analysis of prospects, business potential and impact on the overall mobile internet ecosystem.
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            5G Technology, Timelines and Insights
            We explore the various developments around the development of 5G technologies, on the radio, core and network services sides, while highlighting the various trade-offs and alternatives developing in the industry.
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            MWC 2016: Industry Trends and Takeaways
            This paper presents the views and takeaways of Xona Partners on the latest developments and future trends in the mobile industry that can be ascertained from the 2016 edition of MWC. We cover multiple functional areas and highlight potential disruptive technologies that will impact the telecom industry in the near future.
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            Wide Aera IoT Connectivity: LPWA and LTE
            TLow-power wide-area (LPWA) technologies promise to open new market opportunities by providing power-optimized IoT connectivity for machine-type communications. The technologies received much attention from investors raising important questions on which wireless technology and ecosystem is best positioned to win in this market.
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            Xona Smart Cities Framework
            Smart Cities design integrates a lot of the latest developments in the Internet of Things space, Cloud and Big Data solutions as well as City specific applications. We present a case study developed around the city of Barcelona, illustrating ways of approaching the design of Smart Cities.
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            Xona Internet of Things Workshop 1
            We revisit at the changing dynamics of the Internet of Things eco-system, and describe its evolution and impact across industry verticals. We analyze the most significant trends and considerations that are likely to shape the emerging services and business models. Some specific illustrations of these developments are highlighted based on industrial use cases we have been working on with the most relevant learnings from these experiences synthesized.
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            Towards LTE Advanced
            This presentation maps the roadmap towards LTE-Advanced defined in 3GPP LTE Release 10 and 11 standards. It expands on four key features: carrier aggregation, MIMO, Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP), and HetNets to provide key elements that characterize and enable these features.
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            Xona Data Science Workshop 2013
            An overview of Data Science techniques and models is described, highlighting the evolution of methods and algorithms over the years, including machine learning, symbolic and numerical artificial intelligence and data mining. The tutorial focuses on the commercial applications in mobile, cloud, advertising and various industry verticals.
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            Xona Ad Exchange & RTB Landscape
            As online advertising grows into the area of algorithmic and real time trading, an overview of the most recent architectures, algorithms and business models is presented. A specific focus to how markets are evolving and upcoming trends is also described.
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