Here are a list of events where we will either be speaking or in attendance:

2017.03.28-29 (London) TMT M&A Forum
2017.02.27-03.02 (Barcelona) Mobile World Congress
2017.02.16 (Singapore) TMT Finance Asia
2016.11.16 (San Jose) Wireless Broadband Alliance Industry Awards


2016.07.24-29 (Vancouver) IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence

Contributed Articles

2017.01.06 The Impact of Open Source on Operators, Systems, Integrators and Vendors
2016.12.27 Reality Check: Open Source and the Coming Disruption of the Telecom Value Chain
2016.12.22 Open Source and Its Impact on the Telecom Value Chain
2016.06.08 CloudRAN Architecture Reaches Feasibility, But Business Issues Remain
2016 June 5 Reasons Why Smart Cities Fail
2015 November Internet of Things Investments
2015 March Internet of Things – State of the Union
2015 March Interview with Frank Rayal about RAN and Backhaul Industry
2015 February Into the Internet of Things Era: The African Context
2015.02.26 Internet of Things: Part Two – The Turning Wheels of IoT Investments
2015.02.12 Internet of Things: Part One – State of the Union
2015.01.21 Disrupting Radio Access Networks with Cloud RAN
2015 January Data Management in the IoT Era
2014 December Satellites Expand Operator Opportunity (page 38)
2014 December Spectrum and Network Sharing Models – Trends & Business Impacts
2014.11.18 Handling the Increase in Data Usage
2014 Getting Denser with the Cloud
2014.04.21 Trends in Wireless Network Densification
2014.01.27 Cloud RAN to Usher in a New Era of Radio Access Network Evolution
2014.01.20 Technology Cycles Deja Vu
2014.01.07 Cloud RAN Pros, Cons and Disruptive Potential
2013.11.15 Small Cells Shaping a New Order for Future Wireless Networks
2013.11.13 The Internet Eco-system Value Chain
2013.11.04 On the Cusp of a Small Cell New Order
2013.11.04 Mobile Operators Draw a New Small Cell Order in 2014
2013  A Walk Down the Technology Lifecycle Lane: What Will be Hot Next?
2013.02.12 The Hypereality Of Small Cells Performance
2013.03.18 Unleashing The Power Of HetNets Interference Management Techniques For LTE – Advanced Networks
2013.04.23 Backhaul is the problem!
2013.04.08 Should Small Cells Be Deployed In Their Own Spectrum Band
2013.05.07 Demystifying the Challenge of Small Cell Backhaul
2013.05.20 When Will Small Cells Be Deployed
2013.07.15 Are We Ready For Small Cells
2013.09.16 How Small Cells Triggered Innovation In the Backhaul Space

In the News

2016.05.10 Artesyn to Extend MaxCore Technology to Rack Scale Architecture
2016.02.01 The State and Future of the Home Automation Market
2015.11.11 CommsMEA Awards 2015
2015.10.13 Xona on Judging Panel of CommsMEA Awards 2015
2015.09.14-15 Xona on Award Committee of TelecomsWorld Middle East
2015.07.14 Kuwait: Welcoming a New Regulator
2015.07.04 Redefining the Telco-OTT Relationship
2015.06.21 Big Data to Attract Customers
2015.05.26 Introducing the New Silicon Valley – The iValley of the Bay Area
2015.04.26 Bringing Innovation to the Forefront
2015.03.04 Saudi Arabia: MVNOs to Shape the Market
2015.03.03 VOLTE: Towards Better Quality
2015.03.01 M2M: Connecting the World
2015.01.28 Xona on Judging Panel of TMT Finance & Investment Asia 2015 Awards
2015 January Awarding the Industry, CommsMEA (page 28)
2014.12.21 Setting the 2015 Roadmap
2014.11.18 Xona on judging panel of TMT Finance World
2014.11.12 Xona on judging panel of CommsMEA Awards 2014
2014.05.11-13 Xona on startup judging panel at LTE MENA
2014.05.07 Xona on judging panel of TMT MENA
2014.01.24 DC leaders discuss Asia growth opportunities
2014.01.16 Xona on Judging Panel, TMT Asia
2014.01.05 There’s new competition for top mobile network OEMs
2013.12.11 Art of the Deal
2013.11.13 ME telcos opt for M&A in adjacent industries for future growth
2013.10.28 Judging panel announced for CommsMEA Awards


2016.07.07 A Network of Networks for 5G


2016 January Xona Foresight Newsletter: Mapping the Home Automation Market
2015 April Xona Foresight Newsletter: Cellular Internet of Things Connectivity


A Perspective on Multi-Access Edge Computing

Will Open Source Disrupt the Telecom Value Chain?

RAN Virtualization: Unleashing Opportunities for Market Disruption

The State and Future of The Home Automation Market

Internet of Things: Roadmaps and Regulatory Considerations

International Carriers’ Path to the IoT Gold Mine

Shaping Cellular IoT Connectivity

Xona Partners at MWC 2015 – Trends and Business Impact

Internet of Things – The Turning Wheels of IoT Investments

Internet of Things – Coming of Age

Riding The Advance Cloud Deployment Roadmap

Strategic Advisory – The Case for a Disruptive Model

Big Data Led Innovation in the Credit Marketplace

Innovations In RF Distribution Networks

Data Sciences in Wealth Management

Xona Partners at MWC 2014

Data Science – A Practical Perspective

A Foothold in Silicon Valley

Home based Healthcare & Opportunities for Mobile Operators

Asian Telecom Market – Key Events and Trends in the Asia Telecom Space

Active Infrastructure Sharing Technology & Business Models

Data Sciences – Financial Ecosystem Focus

The Path to 5G Mobile Networks – Gradually Getting There

Partnership for the Design of Private Clouds for RTB of Online Ads

“Data Science as a Service: The Present and the Future” (see video here)

Data Sciences Focus – Mobile Eco-systems Contributions

The Internet Eco-system Value Chain: It’s Always Greener on the Other Side. Or is it, Really?

Online Advertising Real Time Bidding and Opportunities for Mobile Service Providers

Xona Technology Cycles Deja Vu

When Will Small Cells Be Deployed


5G Technology, Timelines and Insights

MWC 2016: Industry Trends and Takeaways

Wide Aera IoT Connectivity: LPWA and LTE

Xona Smart Cities Framework

Xona Internet of Things Workshop 1

Towards LTE Advanced

Xona Data Science Workshop 2013

Xona Ad Exchange & RTB Landscape