Engage with Xona Partners

The market place for telecoms, media, and technology is complex and dynamic. Our distinctive background as technology innovators who broke new grounds with innovative startups, and business and finance strategist who managed global businesses, uniquely position us to decipher complexity and map successful strategies. Our globally recognized team, which blends technology, M&A, and strategy experts, provides unique synergy for our clients as we have been on their side, stared at tough problems, brainstormed, synthesized ideas, and developed plans which we successfully implemented.

The value we bring can be summarized simply as:

Integrative Approach

We leverage our strong foundation in technology, business, and finance coupled with the vision and passion required for success to create innovative and breakthrough solutions to complex problems, and just as importantly, create plans that actually work.

Outstanding Service

We combine strategic outlook and operational excellence in the technology and business ecosystems by an expert team to provide comprehensive TMT advisory and unique full lifecycle management services tailored to each client’s case and requirements.

Exclusive Focus

Our partners are recognized thought leaders in their respective fields of Internet, media and mobile technologies. We provide exclusive access to industry insights and influencers and cultivate a prestigious recurring client list.

Our standards are uncompromising and our drive for excellence is unrelenting. Our solutions are innovative. For this reason our motto is: Innovation. Enabled.