Since 2013, we helped clients – technology corporations and investors – in these fields: 

  1. Networking: 5G, LEO Satellites, Data Center Architecture, Cloud Migration, Private Wireless Networks, Network Virtualization, Edge Computing and more
  2. Artificial Intelligence: NLP, Data Analytics
  3. Emerging Tech: Quantum, Cybersecurity

Our services fall into three categories:

  1. Innovation Incubation: We help companies break new grounds. Simply put, we leverage our expertise and connections to help companies evaluate new business, products and market opportunities. We cover the initial concept and validation stage, the definition and requirements stage, and proof of concept for first customer deployment. Projects of this category involve new technologies. This is where we put our heritage in startup creation to work.
  2. Lifecycle management: We help companies execute on their plans and leverage their existing competencies in adjacent and complementary fields. Technologies are established in one sector are transportable to another. We help companies make use of the latest technologies to create new revenue opportunities.
  3. Due Diligence: We help private equity and corporate investors assessing technology ventures and their market potential. Technology is complex and markets are ambiguous. We leverage our long experience in technology ventures to quickly determine risks and opportunities and provide advice on worth.