Outsourced Presence in Silicon Valley


Over the past three decades, Silicon Valley has established a new, powerful, and self-evident way of generating innovation. This model is one of externalized innovation in a supportive and self-perpetuating ecosystem. This ecosystem has survived multiple market bubbles and crashes only to emerge even stronger.  Most multinationals will sooner or later establish a presence in Silicon Valley in order to tap into this source of innovation.

Problem & Approach

So far/thus far, an effective formula for successfully engaging with the Silicon Valley ecosystem has been elusive. The many different models in operation today exemplify this. The stories of success are often just anecdotal, with a fuzzy ROI. The true costs of maintaining a Silicon Valley presence are often swept under the rug. Very often, the image-value of being a Silicon Valley player is used to justify an ongoing presence.

Our approach is to outsource aspects of Silicon Valley presence that are important to our client in a cost effective manner.


We offer an a-la-cart approach that can cover the following areas:

• Technology scouting
• Partnerships
• Startup investments from seed stage to mezzanine financing
• R&D
• Incubation
• Due diligence
• VC fund management
• Spin-out & spin-in
• M&A support
• PR & Branding
• Executive education through immersion in Silicon Valley activities

The Xona team has done this for several multinationals. We have deep expertise and connectivity in the VC ecosystem. We know how to create and sustain the most impactful and cost effective pied-a-terre in Silicon Valley.

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