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Xona Partners

Xona Partners is a boutique advisory firm specialized in Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT). We provide pre-investment due diligence, post-investment business lifecycle management and strategic technical advisory services to investors, technology companies and other domain players. We partner with C-level clients worldwide to solve hard strategic problems using an integrative approach that leverages the full scope of our broad and expert knowledge-base in TMT.

Our Story

Tech Entrepreneurship Roots

In 2013, a team of renowned technology startup entrepreneurs, management consultants and investment bankers decided to join forces and create Xona Partners.

Our paths had crossed for many years while leading different technology ventures.We found that despite our diverse background, we have a common passion to expand the boundaries of technology and business to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

New Thinking

We want to share our experience of building successful technology ventures with technology companies and investors. To enable companies build new products and services at global scale, we bring our unique mix of knowledge and relationships in technology and business.

We complement our roots in the Silicon Valley ecosystem with significant international experience in both developed and emerging markets as diverse as Asia-Pacific, South Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The Team

Xona is founded by a team of renowned technology executives, startup entrepreneurs, management consultants, and investment bankers whose paths happened to cross for many years while leading different ventures in TMT. We have assembled a team of partners that combines a strong set of innovators and technology luminaries with experience in building successful technology companies, strategy and management professionals with expertise in building and growing global businesses; and business and finance leaders with a proven track record working with technology investors and venture capitalists on global technology M&As.

Meet The Partners…

Why Xona

Our uniqueness lies in execution and sharing of risks and rewards with our clients. The technology sector is complex, dynamic and at times obscure. Our advisory services inject our startup DNA, developed over many years, to build new services and solutions.

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Services Offered


We help companies evaluate new business, products and market opportunities. We cover the concept and validation stage, the definition and requirements stage, and proof of concept for first customer deployment. Projects involve new technologies where we put our heritage in startup creation to work.


We help companies make use of the latest technologies to create new revenue opportunities. We help companies leverage their existing competencies in adjacent fields, and migrate technologies established in one sector to another.


We help private equity and corporate investors assess technology ventures and their market potential. Technology is complex and markets are ambiguous. We leverage our proven experience in technology ventures to quickly determine risks and opportunities.

Our Focus

Since 2013, we helped clients – technology corporations and investors – in these fields: 


• 5G & Wireless
• Space Internet
• Data Center & Cloud Technologies
• AI, Data Technologies & NLP
• Cybersecurity
• Quantum
• Smart Cities

In each of these areas, we leverage our partners’ background and expertise honed over years of professional experience as technologists and entrepreneurs to help our clients jump start their plans.

Xona eXponent

Jump-start your technology strategy

Technologies are evolving rapidly and erasing silos. Decision making is becoming increasingly complex. Inefficiencies and pressure to grow revenues are bearing down on executives. eXponent workshops are the first step in developing your technology strategy: they will help you grasp emerging technologies and markets.

Empowered to Decide

eXponent helps executives assess strategic threats and opportunities, and to make better business decisions related to technology.

eXponent provides you with a fundamental understanding of how technology can impact strategic initiatives and investments.

Through eXponent, we empower executives to make better decisions by demystifying technologies and their impact on companies and markets.

Our Expertise at your Disposal

Executives, investors and board members entrust us to develop strategic growth opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, and exploring new frontiers. They value our solid analysis and unparalleled depth of understanding markets and technologies.

With eXponent, we put our team’s multidisciplinary expertise at your disposal to understand emerging technologies and their impact on your business.


We offer eXponent as bespoke modules to drive results and maximize your value.

Our global reach allows us to connect in person, at a location convenient for you.

 We encourage an interactive discussion format and help you formulate your action items.

eXponent is a first step before embarking on your journey in emerging tech!

We leverage expertise in different functional areas for baseline knowledge that’s adapted to specific objectives. Topics we delivered include:

• Artificial Intelligence • Networks – 5G, LEO Satellites, Private Wireless Networks, Network Virtualization

• Emerging Technologies – Quantum, Cybersecurity

eXponent Workshops: IT Innovation | 5G | Blockchain | Space Internet | AI

Contact us at advisors@xonapartners.com for additional information, or if you would like us to cover a specific topic.


Defining the Synergies between LEO Satellite Constellations and Submarine Cables
Joint analysis of Xona Partners and Angola Cables of the performance capabilities and cost structure of LEO satellite constellations and submarine cables demonstrate the complementary nature of the two technologies and identifies use cases where strategic relationships between the two ecosystems could develop.
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Fixed Wireless Access in Fiber
Operator Context: A Performance and Spend Analysis
5G extends operating frequencies into the millimeter wave bands to enable high-bandwidth services. In this paper, we compare the performance and cost of deploying fixed wireless access in millimeter waves at 28 GHz to Fiber-To-The-Home deployments. Our objective is to uncover the subtleties of both technologies and identify how they compare.
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Hindsight is 20/20: Internet Technologies Trends Retrospect - What We Thought And What Happened
A retrospect of the most strategic projects we worked on compiled in our insight papers, synthesizing our thoughts, views and learning from engaging innovative technology actors and investors with a sharp focus on advancing the global Internet Infrastructure.
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Competing for the Edge: Analysis of Competitive Dynamics Between Cloud Providers and Telcos
Edge computing stands at the intersection between cloud providers and telcos, each seeking to carve a role in servicing the enterprise. This paper addresses market dynamics and identify the opportunities and leverage players in each ecosystems have.
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Main Trends in the Edge Cloud Ecosystem
In this paper, we review major trends that shape the edge cloud ecosystem with an eye on investment strategy to capitalize on this opportunity.
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Satellites Intersects Enterprise
Private Wireless Network
In this paper we present a cost model for enterprise private wireless networks with satellite backhaul. We highlight the evolution of satellite and cellular industries to improve performance and reduce cost, and address the critical elements required to integrate both technologies.
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Space Intersects Internet Workshop: Into the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Constellations Era
Organized by i2CAT and Xona Partners in the framework of Barcelona Tech Spirit, the Space Internet workshop featured expert insights and debate by ecosystem players on the potential opportunities and threats this space race presents. Experts shared insights gained from hands-on experience in LEO deployments and panelists debated technology and investment drivers including demand-side economics, research, regulations, and the potential interplay with 5G.
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State of IoT Regulatory Activities
Xona Partners undertook benchmarking IoT regulatory and policy activities in 22 representative countries around the world. The benchmark covered key areas including critical resources (spectrum, numbering), roaming and eSIM regulations, approach to IoT data management, and IoT policy initiatives. This presentation includes a subset of key findings.
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MWC 2018: The State of Wireless
This brief presents the views and takeaways of Xona Partners on the latest developments and future trends in the mobile industry that can be ascertained from the 2018 edition of Mobile World Congress.
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Blockchains Intersect with Internet and Telecom
As a platform for decentralized economy, the transformative power of blockchains impacts every industry sector. Despite the hype surrounding blockchains which created a perception of extremes, blockchains is here to stay. This presentation outlines the intersect of blockchain with Internet and Telecom.
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MWC 2017: The Hype vs. the Reality
In this brief, we present our view on the latest developments and trends in the mobile industry. While the industry is searching for its next engine of growth, we believe there are opportunities to impact the market particularly by players in adjacent industries who can take advantage of new technology, regulatory and market developments.
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Xona Emerging Wireless Applications
As one rapidly transitions from 4G to 5G, a number of significant innovations are being brought to market, in terms of enabling wireless/cloud technologies, and underlying business models. We summarize the most fundamental ongoing disruptions, with an analysis of prospects, business potential and impact on the overall mobile internet ecosystem.
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